In layman’s terms, a strategy is an organisation’s game plan. It is designed to ensure that the chosen objectives and goals are achieved within a predetermined period. It is a combination of well-considered targets and actions which leads an organisation to its desired position.

Policy is a set of principles and rules which directs the decision of an organisation and or a country. Policies are generally designed by taking the opinion and general view of relevant stakeholders, which are formulated from past experience and basic understanding. In this way, the people who come under the range of such policy will be more open to its implementation.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Strategy Formulation means designing a mix of measures to achieve an organisation’s goals and objectives. It includes careful planning and decision-making and involves a number of phases to be performed consecutively. Once the desired strategy has been formulated, the next step would be to implement the strategy by bringing it to fruition. In short, formulation is related to planning and implementation is concerned with action.

In providing Strategy Formulation Services we research the most appropriate course of action for the realisation of organisational goals and objectives to achieve your organisation’s vision.

Jupilog’s process of strategy formulation involves:

Jupilog’s steps to implementing a strategy: