Many SMMEs fail due to a lack of proper planning and general understanding of the landscape and competitor analysis. South Africa’s biggest challenge is that of unemployment, specifically youth unemployment. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been identified as productive drivers of inclusive economic growth and development in South Africa. As unemployment continues to rise and the formal sector continues to shed jobs, SMEs contribute significantly to the economy as catalyst for job creation. Jupilog uses the following methodologies to develop the capacity of SMMEs.

Enterprise Development Programmes (EDP) promotes economic growth and reduces poverty by developing and building Small Medium Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) to ensure sustainability with the ultimate objective of financial independence. The process of building these SMMEs consist of monetary and non-monetary assistance that is recoverable and/or non-recoverable contributions from organisations. EDP entails the development of enterprises through a structured, holistic approach.

Supplier Development Programmes (SDP) is a process of working with suppliers with an aim of increasing their capability, capacity and competitiveness for the benefit of a buying organisation. SDP is specifically aimed at EMEs and QSEs that are Black Owned, Black Women Owned, Black Youth Owned and Black Disabled Owned.

Jupilog’s Enterprise / Supplier Development Programme Steps:

We provide a gap analysis that identifies areas where support is needed and business operations tools specific to the needs that should be developed. This may include technology enablement, digitalisation of the business, operational support or business strategy development