Programme and Project Management

We use established principles, procedures and policies to manage a project/programme from conception through to completion. This includes overseeing the planning, organising and implementing a project/programme. We also define the goals, outline the steps needed to achieve the goals, identify the resources to accomplish the steps as well as track the budget and time required for each step. Identifying potential risks - managing and mitigating it to ensure the project is delivered within the set time - is another component of our programme management services.

Programme Management Services offered:
• Programme set-up and initiation;
• Programme management and execution;
• Programme monitoring, reporting and evaluation.

Stakeholder Management

Management of stakeholder expectations is one of the most, if not the most, fundamental function of an organisation or project. It is what will define and position the organisation or project’s credibility and reputation in how it delivers against its promises. Stakeholder expectations, internally and externally, can be demanding, and appreciation of this strategic aspect of governance oversight has become increasingly important in integrated reporting. Having an expert such as Jupilog handle this aspect on behalf of your organisation or project can be mutually advantageous for the organisation, as well as its stakeholders. This could be realised through facilitation of public meetings and workshops.

Under Project and Stakeholder Management, key areas of expertise are Facilitation and Mediation. Jupilog also offers these as standalone services, for cases such as community consultation, training or workshop facilitation and resolution of disputes.

Jupilog’s Mediation Steps: