Enterprise Development

Execute and monitor the strategy on behalf of the client

Jupilog aims to provide the greatest possible return on investment in enterprise development projects. The overall approach is to develop and implement effective business growth support programmes to increase the organizational capacity and effectiveness of small business.

This lays the foundation for the creation of profitable revenue streams, strengthens the supply chain, and maximizes returns on investment in Enterprise Development. Compliant companies are required to contribute 3% of Net Profit after tax towards enterprise development in order to qualify for points available on the BBBEE scorecard. Jupilog can assist your company in the development of an ED strategy or the execution of the strategy.

The company can identify suitable entrepreneurs and Jupilog provides the practical training in association with the department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to develop the entrepreneurs into successful enterprises.

Taking Enterprise Development beyond BBBEE points

Jupilog clients are able to focus on their core businesses, while meeting the requirements of Code 600 in order to be awarded maximum Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) points in this category.

Companies wanting to see the best return on their investment in Enterprise Development call on Jupilog to create a strategy, and to identify the qualifying businesses. Jupilog clients understand that the development of small and medium enterprises is the most critical contributor to economic growth in the Eastern Cape and the country as a whole.

Investors in meaningful Enterprise Development are also investing in the future sustainability of their own companies. A vibrant small business sector accompanied by meaningful empowerment contributes to employment creation – which translates into greater numbers of potential customers. Part of the Enterprise Development strategy is a Capacity Building Programme.

Capacity Building Programme

Jupilog acknowledges that training is the enabling factor for business growth and development. It has a pioneering capacity-building programme hosted in partnership with the Department of Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).

It is a six module learning programme that is intended to strengthen the capacity of the business owner and thereby stimulating growth and sustainability of the business. The course covers the following business imperatives: Human Resources; Business Planning and Management; Finance and Accounting; Sourcing new business through tendering and legal phases; Project Management; and Marketing and Sales.

The capacity-building programme is coupled with a pool of business mentors to support the learning and also supported by services offered by Jupilog business associates, in the following arenas:

  • • Legal
  • • Multi-media Production
  • • ICT
  • • Book-keeping
  • • Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • • BBBEE Strategy and Support