4 Stages

A four-stage approach

A four-stage approach The Jupilog Enterprise Development Project (EDP) approach uses a series of programmes interlinked together to provide a holistic solution geared towards advancing, building and promoting small and medium-sized companies. There are five stages involved in the EDP to ensure business sustainability. Key objectives

  • – To building of the operational capacity of the business
  • – To facilitate of access to business support
  • – To facilitate of mentorship and advisory services to ensure transfer of skills
  • – To facilitate the supplier value chain for preferential procurement and business linkages purposes
  • – To enhance the competitiveness of SMMEs
  • – To work closely with government, private sector, financial and academic institutions to better serve small business owners
  • – To improve the business environment and promote entrepreneurship through the transfer of business skills

Enterprise Development Project for SMEs – Project workflow activities

  1. Capacity Building Programme Management skills are the first priority for any entrepreneur. The CBP is a classroom-based training programme designed to build business skills and improve performance of SMEs. Jupilog has partnered with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Department of Management and Entrepreneurship to present the course.
  2. Mentoring and Coaching Programme (MCP) Stage two of the project is the mentoring and coaching programme conducted over a period of six months consisting of regular two-hour sessions with an assigned mentor. The experienced, business-savvy mentors assess the business and provide ongoing support and guidance to business owners.
  3. Quality Management System Programme (QMSP) Stage three of the programme is QMSP, which is designed to help with business compliance. The programme’s aim is to break the cycle of poor service delivery so often associated with SMEs. It equips businesses with systems and process flow information in order to take full control of the manufacturing or service delivery cycle.
  4. Business Matching Programme (BMP) On successfully completing the CBP and MCP stages, SMEs are placed in the Business Matching Programme (BMP), which is stage four of the project. This programme is designed to facilitate access to business and procurement opportunities. Benefits of the programme:
  • • Connects SMEs with potential investors and partners
  • • Organised monthly procurement meetings
  • • Database of both investors and beneficiaries (SMEs)
  • • Business profiling
  • • Ongoing support